A skateboarder and creative director with a love for beers, bikes & ramps.

Can you give me a brief background on yourself (where you grew up, what you do now, etc.)?

Well my journey started out in Ventura California and then throughout my childhood my family would move every 2-3 yrs. I spent my high school days in Manchester England which allowed me to experience many places in Europe. I am quite grateful for having that opportunity still to this day.

After England I spent a brief time in Greenville SC and then had plans to attend college in Colorado. Then I found out that the prorgam I was interested in persuing was availble in Charleston. So I chose the beach over the snow. I graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design and have been cruising in the design scene ever since.

Straight out of college I worked at a creative marketing and design agency as a graphic designer but now I’m an Art Director for a sign manufacturing company. I get paid to be a creative thinker, travel, take photos, draw, and make things with my hands.

When and where did you start surfing?

I’m a skateboarder with lots of respect for surfers. A lot of my friends here surf and skate so it was only natural to want to tag along with them to the beach. I’m thankful I’ve got friends who let me borrow boards. Thanks guys (you know who you are) But I’d have to say Charleston is where I got my first experience surfing.

What do you love about the Charleston surf scene?

I don’t know too much about the surf scene but from the people I know and have chilled with, everyone seems to be pretty level headed.

What’s in your quiver?

My skateboard though is a Creature 8.5 with 139 Indys, 56mm Spitfire’s, Bones Swiss, Indy Hardware, and a Pink Crack tag on the grip.

What was your best surf trip?

Never been on a surf trip but I’ve been on plenty of skate trips all over the world. Probably my favorite trip was two weeks traveling through Europe then going to the Copenhagen Pro Event in Denmark.

What inspires you?

Nature and People who have a passion for something.

Describe your perfect day in Charleston.

Riding my bike around downtown, skating a backyard ramp, beer with friends, then hitting the beach.

What does the future hold?

Traveling, Skateboarding, Buying a house, Learning how to surf better.

What’s your favorite RWSS product?

My RWSS short sleeved button up.

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