Liz Lantz is a talented photographer from Chicago. She relocated to Charleston early this year with her husband Greg. We caught up with her for our ongoing ‘Profile’ series.

So tell us a bit about yourself.

I grew up just outside of Chicago, and believe it or not, that’s here I honed my surf skills. I saw the Sheboygan, WI section of Step Into Liquid while I was visiting my brother in Cali, and he sent me home with a great board so I could learn to shred the wind slop of Lake Michigan.

4 years of icy winter lake surf sent me to San Diego in 2007; wanderlust brought me to Charleston this year. I studied photography in college and still keep it up as a hobby; I pay my bills with web production.

What do you love about the Charleston surf scene?

The solitude and the stoke.

What’s in your quiver?

My personal quiver is small: a 9’1 Pendoflex performance noserider longboard and a 6’8 thruster by JP Holeman. I’m covered in any condition with those two boards, but I dip into my hubby’s extensive collection when I want to switch it up. I love the mini-Simmons he shaped!

What was your best surf trip?

Some of the best sessions outside my home turf was on my honeymoon in Costa Rica – 3-4 feet, glassy, sunny and just the two of us. Perfection!

What inspires you?

Beautiful light, geometry, quirky people, repurposing, and history.

Describe your perfect day in Charleston.

It would start by sipping delicious coffee on my way to a glassy, 4 foot, 2-3 hour surf sesh with Greg. Post-surf would be followed up by pastries at Whisk and a bike ride/photo hunt around downtown (with a stop at RWSS, of course). The evening would find us with friends at the Belmont for unlimited drinks (paid for by someone else) followed by a potluck/bonfire at our place.

What does the future hold?

Mystery and adventure.

What’s your favorite RWSS product?

The I Heart Small Waves t. It’s sooooo comfortable and you can never go wrong with a classic T.  I steal Greg’s on a regular basis.

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